Congratulations on Gemtree becoming comprehensive fire-rated board supplier for Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) .   


Antirust or stainless steel nails and screws are a must. If pneumatic nailing, stainless steel 304 nails are recommended.
2.  External UV coating: It is an improved UV paint for outdoor applications but is not as stable as fluorocarbon paint.
1.  Fluorocarbon  painting:  Fluorocarbon is the best choice for outdoor painting. Its stability is 20 years and above.
3.  Aluminum foil: The combination of MgO and aluminum foil substitute to aluminum plastic plate.
1220×2440   1220×2700
1220×3000  915×1830
4.  Natural MgO finish effect: Gemtreeboard natural finish may achieve a unique natural effect.
7.    Good affinity for various materials. It may be painted, tiled or laminated with metal etc.
3.    Fungi resistant: It is a non-nutrient to mold or fungus in accordance with JIS Z2911.
Solutions of structural panels for steel/timber framed houses
It is easy to be cut, drilled, grooved, sculptured, with hand tools or power tools.
10.  Energy-saving.. Its thermal conductivity is 0.193 and ideal for insulation.
environmentally friendly and cost efficiency make it widely used in external
walls, outdoor furniture, external insulation, tunnels, MTR and wet areas.
9.    Safe and healthy. Free from asbestos, formaldehyde and radiation.
moisture,non-combustible, termite proof and easy to handle. Its safety,
innovationand production process changes.It is 100% free of asbestos
water which cause some  loss of strength but full strength is regained
after drying. It is not  recommended for prolonged immersing in water
painted to preclude  water absorption. Untreated surfaces will absorb
(may customerized). It is accurate sizes, high screw holding strength
Gemtree  external board is water resistant.. Its internal structure is a
Gemtree magnesium inorganic studs are 25mm x 50mm x 2400mm
external wall systems more compact, more environmentally friendly
Standard thickness(mm)
crystal  one, water molecules may come in and go out of the board
Gemtreeboard  must be siliceous waterproofing material treated or
but will not  affect its physical properties. Where exposed to water,
Gemtree external board is the results of years’ R&D of equipment
and formaldehyde, lightweight, high strength, water resistant and
and durability. Gemtree magnesium inorganic studs make your
2.    Water and humidity resistant, and can stand rain and sun.
6.    High strength and tough. Bending strength is 15-30 MPa.
Dust extraction is advised for high volume cutting/machining.
Polyurethane sealant and fiberglass tape are recommended.

5.    Lightweight and the density is between 1.1-1.2 tons/m3

1.    Fire proof A1 grade and non-combustible.
Boards should be gapped at joints by 3mm.
Water resistant performance
for non water-proofing  treated board.
External Wall Section View
8.    Easy to install and cost efficient.
Gemtree Inorganic Studs
Gemtree Project Cases
External Board
Natural MgO finish effect
External Wall Cladding
Fluorocarbon  painting
4.    Termite resistant.
External Wall Board
and more durable.
Outdoor furniture
Solar dustbin