Congratulations on Gemtree becoming comprehensive fire-rated board supplier for Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) .   
In recent years we have provided high quality designs and shells for the recreation machine companies and also the sculpture projects for some playgrounds. We have very good markets in Southeast Asia ,Japan and the United States. We have participated in manufacturing the imitation bamboo and wood components in Hongkong Disneyland, and also the outside walls of the hotel of Tokyo Disneyland  and some other Japanese buildings.
Gemtree FRP products are including: landscape, building decoration, recreation machine shells, advertising image ,some industrial parts and etc. We have an experienced working team with several excellent sculptors and mould-makers and also have close relationships with some Japanese research institutions ,so as to for us to adopt the advanced technology and formulas.
used in the aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction industries.
Gemtree FRP is fiberglass reinforced plastics. FRPs are commonly
FRP Products