Congratulations on Gemtree becoming comprehensive fire-rated board supplier for Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) .   
Balanced mesh and three-dimensional short fiber perfectly combined to achieve its high strength,durability and multiple functions.
3. Gemtree focuses on robust quality product by its highest grade and selected raw materials, stringent scientific 
The diagrams references plasterboard, calcium silicate  and fibre cement board. The MgO refered to here
ass mesh and short fiber wood particles achieve a three-dimensional structural force, refer 
Gemtree  80, 9mm×1220mm×2440mm, 27KG, density1000kg/m3(±10%)。
     Gemtree 80, lower quality MgO board cannot achieve these values.
The reasons that Gemtree 80 light but strong are:
1. Magnesium cement is stronger than portland cement.
2. Paper-faced Gypsum Board Fiber Structure
3. Pressed Cement Board Fiber Structure
1. Calcium Silicate Board Fiber Structure
Fiber Structure Comparison
4. Gemtreeboard Fiber Structure
     process management.
2. The balancing fibergl
     to Diagram below.